Our Mission:

Build the Willamette River Crossing!


As our region grows we need a transportation network that is safe, addresses worsening congestion, and reduces impacts on our climate.

That's why we need you to join us in asking the Clackamas County Commissioners and the Lake Oswego City Council to support the new Willamette River Crossing. This unique pedestrian and bicycle focused bridge will link Milwaukie, Oak Grove, Jennings Lodge and the rest of eastern Clackamas County with Lake Oswego and western Clackamas County

A new Crossing over the Willamette River will support healthier lifestyles, a healthier environment and provide important transport choices for emergency and fire vehicles.

Together, we can make our communities safer and healthier, mitigate congestion, provide new economic opportunities and take action on climate change.  

While the first phase of research is complete, we need the support of local elected leaders to support the second phase of research and save The Willamette River Crossing.

You can help by: 

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A new Crossing creates a transportation connection for the future that reduces commute times for workers, supports safer routes for walking and bicycling, and provides important connections for emergency vehicles between the east and west sides of the river.



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